Kamala Harris Travels to Tennessee and Ignores Bereaved Family Members and Survivors of Mass School Shooting

In the midst of the tumult in Tennessee, Vice President Kamala Harris unexpectedly traveled to Nashville at the end of last week.

She traveled for meetings with newly ousted state legislators, the Democratic caucus, and anti-gun violence supporters. However, she failed to connect with survivors of the senseless massacre that sparked political tension.

Harris Messes Up

The removals followed the participation of three lawmakers in a gun control demonstration that started at the state Capitol and continued into the House chamber, interrupting business as two of them spoke angrily through a megaphone.

The third remained nearby to provide assistance and escaped being expelled by just one vote.

It was undoubtedly an unethical attempt to coerce legislators into doing what the demonstrators wanted; it was an egregious breach of democratic principles that no legislator should take part in, much less lead.

However, it is claimed that Audrey Hale’s murderous act at the Covenant School is what started all of this rage.

The fact that Harris failed to (in any event) also visit with the relatives of the three young children and three adults who were killed on that particular day is simply strange in light of this.

In the end, which tragedy is worse: the killings or the evictions? The two heroic police officers who charged in to kill Hale prevented the tragedy from getting much worse while they are still waiting for an invitation from the White House.

The bereaved relatives of those killed are also being disregarded. Some wonder if this is because they are from a Christian school. However, it has invited the three lawmakers who risk democracy to attend.

Furthermore, the FBI continues to hold onto Hale’s manifesto and won’t make it available to society, probably because it links her transgender issues to her fatal assault.

Transgender Gets Special Treatment

The fact that Hale is transgender is the only distinction in this horrific murder. That seems to be sufficient for the White House and Democrats as a whole to cover up the gunman, the heroes of the day, and those who were killed.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.