Kamala Harris Rails Against the Pro-life Movement

Joe Biden is running for reelection. He announced his run late last month and made it very clear what the focus points of his 2024 run are going to be.

Based on the ad put out, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are going to be focusing on branding “MAGA Republicans” as dangerous and extreme. They’re also going to be honing in on the issue of abortion as a way to garner votes.

Very recently at a campaign event shortly after Biden’s announcement, the vice president sounded off against the pro-life movement, according to Breitbart News.

The Vice President’s Message to Pro-lifers

While sharing remarks at Howard University, Harris said that GOP members who are pro-life fall into the basket of “extremist so-called leaders.” Later, the vice president went on to say that she trusts women of America and that Democrats will “organize” against the pro-life movement.

In her remarks against six-week abortion bans, Harris also claimed that pro-life legislators aren’t aware of how women’s bodies work. She then raised eyebrows upon saying that the pro-life community shouldn’t “get in the way” of women who want to get abortions.

Americans can expect more talking points like this from Biden and Harris, especially as they hit the campaign trails later this year and in 2024.

More of the Same

While speaking at Howard University, the vice president didn’t give any indication of what limits to abortion she would support. The same goes for Joe Biden.

In fact, when reporters question the Biden administration about this during press conferences, the administration routinely gives roundabout answers.

At this rate, it’s clear that Biden and Harris believe demonizing the pro-life movement will help them easily coast to reelection. In the meantime, many Americans across the country are eager to find out what, if any, abortion restrictions are supported by the country’s top Democrats.