Kamala Harris' Policies Now Under a Microscope

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

California Sen. Kamala Harris (D) is in the national spotlight amid news that she has joined Biden as his running mate. Virtually everyone across the nation has weighed in with their thoughts, whether positive or negative.
Now, the California senator’s policies are under a microscope. Many Democrats believe that Harris is an asset to Biden and will help him secure an election victory in November. However, Republicans have a largely different outlook.

An ad put out by the Trump re-election campaign yesterday paints Biden and Harris as two, radically-left peas in a pod that are “wrong for America.” Furthermore, the president himself is ripping Harris’ policies as “most liberal” and “dangerous,” as noted by Fox News.

A Closer Look at the Policies of Sen. Harris

The California senator remains supportive of policies that are very far left, even by the most liberal standards. These policies include, but are certainly not limited to, the following: Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, reduced funding for the military, and essentially axing the Second Amendment.
Harris’ support for extremely far-left policies was never a secret; however, her selection as Biden’s running mate is bringing a much more intense spotlight to where she stands politically.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity yesterday, the president held nothing back in censuring Harris’ “most liberal” policies. Trump branded the California senator as a “dangerous choice” for the former vice president; he then criticized Harris’ interest in banning petroleum and fracking.
Trump also noted that Biden is right where Harris is policy-wise. This then led to the president’s prediction that Biden will ultimately fail to win states like Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, etc.
Finally, Trump informed that a ban on fracking and petroleum would increase Americans’ electric bills by more than ten times over.

How Will Harris’ Policies Impact the Democrat Party?

Republicans are far from fans of the California senator and it looks like certain progressives aren’t much in favor of her either.
Top Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, have rallied behind Biden’s choice of Harris as his running mate; however, Sanders’ supporters and other progressives aren’t so pleased.

Within certain progressive circles, Harris is being labeled as a “top cop” due to her prior work as a prosecutor. Other progressives maintain that the California senator’s rise to vice-presidential candidate status is a slap in the face to Black Lives Matter and other groups seeking to defund (and abolish) the police.
What do you think about Kamala Harris’ policies? Will they be an asset or liability to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!