Kamala Harris Omits God and Right to Life Quote Out of the Declaration of Independence

In a statement commemorating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on Sunday, Kamala Harris invoked the Declaration of Independence, but left out references to God and the “right to life.”

Kamala Gives Pro-Life Speech

In her speech to a group of pro-abortion campaigners in Tallahassee, Florida, the Biden administration leader merely alluded to the freedoms to “liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

She claimed that it is a fundamental right to abort unborn children for any cause at all.

In reference to the Dobbs v. Jackson decision that reversed Roe, Harris remarked that last June, the United States Supreme Court removed that constitutional right – an essential right, basic liberty from the citizens of America, and from the females of America.

She went on to say that they are gathered because, as a group, they think and understand that America represents a promise of freedom and liberty.

This is not just for some people, but for everyone, that every one of them is endowed with the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Harris left out a few crucial lines from the quote, though.

The crucial lines sadly missed by the vice president were ones that pertained to the right to life. It is impossible to quote the Declaration of Independence without mentioning the right to life, along with liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Since the right to life is among the most basic of all rights, the American founders ranked it first. No other right could exist without it.

Only now, with Roe reversed, may states once again guarantee the right to life for all people, born and unborn. Under Roe, abortions eliminated that basic right for more than 64 million unborn children.

Harris purposefully omitted the sentence that states that rights are “endowed by their Creator,” or God.

Harris said that she strives to be clear when she is saying Americans did not inherit these privileges. She proclaimed this to the pro-abortion throng, that these rights are theirs as Americans.

Following this, Republican analyst Matt Whitlock argued that Harris’s omissions demonstrate how unjustified her support for abortion is.

Whitlock suggested on Twitter that this point is apparent, but perhaps her message isn’t that strong if the “right to life” so severely undermines it that she has to pretend it doesn’t exist.

More Support for Pro-Life Ruling

14 states have started preventing abortions since the Supreme Court reversed Roe and others are battling in the courts to do the same. According to pro-life leaders, state pro-life laws have already helped save the lives of tens of thousands of unborn children.

Increasing wide support for constitutional protections for unborn children is evident in two recent polls.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.