Kamala Claims She Wondered Why Conservatives Are “Bad” Even as a Child

Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris shared one of her “childhood stories” as a sad attempt to take a shot at conservatives. She did this only to be ridiculed on social media for pulling the same stunts Joe does all the time.

Harris isn’t exactly known for her top-of-the-line public speaking skills, though. We’ve seen her fumble her words time and time again, going on endless streaks of repeating the same thing over and over just to prove a point.

Biden’s tall tale habit may have rubbed off on VP Harris

The best example of this was her latest conversation, if one could call it that, on the topic of climate policy at the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities.

One could easily argue she’s been learning from the best in the craft, but even Biden goes light on the make-believe in his stories. Harris decided to go all-in, this time around.

She claimed as a child, she went up to her mother and asked why conservatives are perceived as bad, if we’re all supposed to be “conserving” things, something even the most skilled of linguists couldn’t decipher.

Barely minutes after the video had aired, it was already making the rounds on Twitter. Kamala might just go on yet another public speaking hiatus after this one because barely anyone had anything good to say about it.

Karoline Leavitt, a New Hampshire congressional candidate, held no punches and claimed that Harris’ communications team would do everyone a favor if they would just keep the vice president far away from any cameras and microphones. It’s hard not to agree.

Lying through her teeth

However, the bigger issue lies in the fact the story is completely made up, by the looks of things. Yet, Harris laughed through it as if she’d actually been there when the hypothetical child version of herself had said it.

Published author Virginia Kruta expressed her sadness for the fact that there are actually people willing to believe the story was true. Even if they don’t, the majority of the left-leaning crowd may even find Harris’ comment funny, to some extent.

This might just go down in history as one of the things that didn’t happen, alongside all of Sleepy Joe’s stories about using public transport and how everyone he meets calls him “Joey.”

Some pointed out the similarities between Harris’ and Biden’s statements, adding the only thing missing is Joe’s “not a joke” at the end. This is practically his way of saying that the whole story was fabricated.

One can even imagine the two sitting in the office and comparing all the “whoppers” they’ve got in store for their public appearances.

It’s safe to say that Kamala won’t be making any zingers any time soon. Even when she does, they’ll all pale in comparison to when she claimed she would shout “fweedom” as a child.

This is yet another fabrication on her part; albeit this one was borrowed from MLK himself.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.