Justice Department Sues Georgia Over Election Security Bill

The current state of affairs continues to reach worse and worse levels with President Biden in office. Already, the president has put countless Americans out of work, increased the cost of living, and rolled back effective policies started under the Trump administration.

As Biden and Democrats work to pass a federal elections bill that would force taxpayers to subsidize leftist political campaigns, they’re demonizing any legislation that is passed to ensure election security. Democrats have long articulated their incorrect views that voter ID laws are tantamount to voter suppression. 

The left also continues to run with the false narrative that election integrity bills, such as the one passed in Georgia months ago, are about stopping minorities from voting. On Friday, the Justice Department launched a lawsuit against Georgia over the state’s Senate Bill 202, Breitbart News confirms. 

What to Know about the DoJ’s Lawsuit Against Georgia

Yesterday, the Department of Justice announced its decision to bring suit against Georgia.

In public remarks, Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed that Georgia’s S.B. 202 exists to bar African-Americans in Georgia from voting; the lawsuit in particular challenges segments of S.B. 202 that deal with voter ID mandates, drop box reductions, requirements for absentee ballots, and more. 

The Justice Department’s lawsuit comes after months of Democrats branding S.B. 202 (and any other legislation centered on election security) as voter suppression. The left somehow believes that minorities are incapable of obtaining photo IDs; this would explain why Democrat activists continue to brand voter ID requirements as racist. 

Many Americans are very clearly able to see that President Biden is now using the Justice Department to attack his political opponents. 

Reactions to the Lawsuit Against Georgia

Democrats are predictably loving the lawsuit against Georgia. They are relentless in peddling the false narrative that S.B. 202 is an attack on the voting rights of people of color. 

On Friday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp pushed back against the lawsuit from the Justice Department. Kemp noted that the aforementioned suit stems from misinformation and falsehoods that Democrats have repeatedly spewed about Georgia’s election integrity bill. Kemp also indirectly noted that the timing of the lawsuit comes after Democrats failed to force For the People Act through the Senate. 

Finally, the Georgia governor noted that he has previously come out on the winning side of battles against a Justice Department controlled by Democrats. Kemp made very clear that he is ready for a third win to uphold election integrity in the Peach State. 

Do you believe the Biden administration is turning the Justice Department into a weapon against conservatives and other non-Democrats? What are your thoughts about the lawsuit against Georgia’s election security bill? Let us know where you stand in the comments section below.