Justice Department Pans Three Cities for "Permitting Anarchy"

"President Trump and The First Lady Parti" (Public Domain) by The White House

Over the course of 2020, several cities in the nation have decided not to take action against riots and destruction.
These local leaders, which are Democrats, of course, continue to either ignore or look the other way as communities are pillaged and destroyed. Worse yet, these same Democrat leaders are more concerned with who’s wearing a mask than who’s burning down cars or vandalizing buildings.

The Justice Department has begun laying out the groundwork for these Democrat-run cities that refuse to uphold the law.
According to Townhall, the Justice Department named New York City, Seattle, and Portland as three “anarchist jurisdictions” where local leaders are allowing and enabling property damage and violence.

A Closer Look at the Justice Department’s Latest Announcement of “Anarchist Jurisdictions”

In order to deem cities as “anarchist jurisdictions,” there are several categories that they must fall into.
Defunding the police, refusing to allow law enforcement to stop local violence/enter into areas where they’re legally entitled, and rejecting reasonable assistance from the federal government are some actions that will cause cities to be classified as “anarchist jurisdictions.”

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has also spoken out about cities that are giving free reign to looters and perpetrators of destruction, vandalism, etc. Barr recently stated that cities which allow violence while halting law enforcement cannot get federal tax dollars.
Barr then called on the Justice Department to “reverse course” and cease the enablement of cities that refuse to ensure the safety of their own citizens.

Reactions from Anarchist Jurisdictions

New York City, Portland, Seattle, and the leftists who residents in these communities have bristled at the Justice Department classifying them as “anarchist jurisdictions.”
What they haven’t done, though, is commit to upholding law and order. The mayors of these anarchist jurisdictions are angrier at the Department of Justice than they are with the rioters destroying their own communities.

Furthermore, the left is now suggesting that it is somehow “unconstitutional” for the federal government to stop funding cities that won’t even protect their own people. Needless to say, the Justice Department believes otherwise; this is also not the first time that the federal government has warned localities that ignore crime right under their noses.
What do you think about crime in designated anarchist jurisdictions? Should the federal government stop funding these cities? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section!