Justice Department Indicts Proud Boys Members

The Proud Boys are having a tough time as of late. Many members of the far-right group have since turned on former President Trump. Like QAnon supporters, Proud Boys believed that the 45th president would remain in office and pardon individuals who stormed the Capitol 25 days ago.

“A woman participating in protests in Was” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Needless to say, neither one of these things happened. The 45th president is not in office; however, he will remain politically active and work to assist House Republicans in regaining the majority in their body. Trump also condemned the insurrection earlier this month on multiple occasions, declining to pardon any of the Capitol rioters.
Amid these crushing blows to the Proud Boys, Washington Examiner confirms that the Justice Department has also indicted multiple members of the far-right organization.

Reviewing the Indictments from the Justice Department

The Department of Justice has charged members of the Proud Boys with civil disorder, unlawful entry into restricted grounds, conspiracy, and more. William Pepe and Dominic Pezzola, the charged Proud Boys members, are hence facing decades behind bars.

In a statement, the Justice Department professed that Pepe and Pezzola obstructed formal congressional proceedings, stole property belonging to Capitol police, and waged physical violence against law enforcement officers. These two Proud Boys are not the only members of the group to be charged for their actions in Washington D.C. on January 6.
Other members of the Proud Boys and QAnon followers have since claimed that Trump fooled and swindled them into laying siege upon the U.S. Capitol.

Catching Responsible Parties

Many of the Proud Boys and others who mobbed Capitol Hill on the 6th posted about their actions on social media. This has made tracking and arresting the guilty parties much easier; it also means that those who broke into the Capitol will have virtually no chance of credibly asserting their innocence.

Blaming Trump for their actions will also not hold up in a court of law. Apparently, Proud Boys, QAnon followers, and others believed that they were acting on behalf of Trump. Next week, Congress will hold a trial on whether or not to convict the 45th president on an incitement charge; however, this does not grant a legal defense for the rioters now facing federal charges.
What do you think about the new indictments of the Proud Boys members? What do you make of Proud Boys and QAnon followers now blaming Trump for their actions at the Capitol? Let us know in the comments section below.