Jon Ossoff Declares Himself Winner of the Georgia Runoff

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Wednesday morning has kicked off with Americans watching the results come in from the Georgia twin runoffs. Thus far, multiple outlets have declared Democrat Raphael Warnock as the winner of the special election against GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Meanwhile, Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Sen. David Perdue remain locked in at 50% each.

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Today, Democrats are very happy. Many have taken to social media to assert that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s role will switch to that of the Senate Minority Leader. With Democrats seizing control of the Senate, Democrat Chuck Schumer would naturally assume the role of Senate Majority Leader.
Percentage-wise, Perdue and Ossoff remain tied. However, when reviewing the number of votes counted, there are more in Ossoff’s column than in Perdue’s. Therefore, Jon Ossoff declared himself the winner of the Georgia runoff earlier this morning, confirms Washington Examiner.

A Leftist Takeover of Georgia?

If Ossoff does indeed defeat Perdue, then Democrats will regain control of the U.S. Senate. This means that the left will have the majority of power in both congressional chambers and the White House.

Over a live video feed, Ossoff thanked Georgians for “electing [him] to serve” in the U.S. Senate. The Democrat then stated that he is “humbled” by what he views as a win. Thus far, with 98% of all precincts counted, Ossoff has 50.19% to Perdue’s 49.81%. This puts the Georgia Democrat roughly 16,000 votes ahead of Perdue thus far.

A Statement from Perdue’s Campaign

Thus far, the Associated Press has yet to call the Georgia race for Jon Ossoff.
In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Perdue’s campaign put out a statement; in this statement, the runoff is noted as an “exceptionally close election” that can only be accurately determined with “time and transparency.” The Perdue campaign’s statement then concludes with the assertion that the Georgia Republican will ultimately be victorious.

The campaign of Osssff has also released an official statement. Per the Ossoff campaign, outstanding votes only remain in areas where Ossoff’s enjoyed a “dominant” performance. This statement then wraps up by noting Ossoff’s excitement about “moving ahead” and “fighting for all Georgians” in the Senate.
Ossoff’s campaign statement arrived hours after that of Perdue’s.
What do you think about Jon Ossoff declaring himself as the winner of the special election against David Perdue? Do you think this was a premature call or an accurate one? Let us know in the comments section below!