John Hickenlooper Set to Drop Out of 2020 Race

It’s become inevitable that certain Democrats would drop out of the 2020 presidential election. The reality is that in a crowded field, many contenders simply aren’t doing very well. Certain folks are barely getting press coverage amidst scrambling to raise money and truly connect with voters.

Two out of three Democrat primary debates have already passed and the bar for making it on the third debate stage is higher than ever. Following the second primary debate, various political pundits predicted that the field of Democrat contenders would decline between then and the third primary debate.

The Democrat who is presently set to drop out of the 2020 race is former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, as reported by Fox News. Hickenlooper’s campaign is barely treading water, nor is he even close to meeting the necessary criteria to appear on the third debate stage. Sources close to the former governor have confirmed that Hickenlooper knows he won’t make it in this race.

The End of Hickenlooper 2020

Hickenlooper is set to bow out of the race via a video announcement on social media. Throughout his presidential campaign, Hickenlooper has struggled to raise money, only garnering roughly $1 million dollars between April and June 2019. Furthermore, the former governor also failed to retain many campaign staffers due to conflicts over the trajectory of the race. All of this combined with Hickenlooper’s failure to reach the necessary requirements to appear on the third debate stage have contributed to his forthcoming departure from the race.

Throughout Hickenlooper’s time in the race, he stated that Medicare-for-All was too extreme and unrealistic. On the debate stages, he regularly sparred with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren over healthcare. However, despite the conflicts, he still failed to build any real momentum in his campaign.

More to Come

As the third primary debate gets closer and closer, more Democrat candidates will likely follow suit with Hickenlooper and simply drop out. Candidates who are unable to make it on the upcoming debate stage will have virtually no chance of winning the nomination. Already, many Democrats are still struggling to meet the necessary thresholds.

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