Joe’s Prodigal Son Hunter Finally Shows Up for Child Support Case

In what ended up being his most pathetic attempt at selling the idea that he’s not literally swimming in money, Hunter Biden showed up for court in Arkansas to try and lower his child support payments.

Yes, you heard correctly. Joe’s millionaire son, Hunter, doesn’t want to spend his immense wealth on the upbringing of his child; he’s willing to go to great lengths just to save some money.

Hunter’s never-ending web of lies

Thankfully, the judge was clever enough to see through his ploy, ultimately blasting his legal team and Hunter himself for failing to provide correct information on his financial state and income level.

The prodigal son received his court order last week, requiring him to appear in person for the hearing and all future ones that will happen; the judge had already accused Hunter of delaying the court process.

Earlier this week though, Arkansas Judge Holly Meyer didn’t go easy on Hunter, chastising his entire team of legal experts for refusing to provide correct information about his income level, adding the data they submitted previously was fabricated.

Meyer ordered Hunter’s lawyers to re-file a lot of the papers they’d redacted, as the current data available doesn’t paint a clear picture of Hunter’s financial standing.

Not a net he won’t slip through

Naturally, Hunter completely ignored the hundreds of questions reporters were shouting at him as he was leaving the courthouse; although there’s little to be said at this point.

For a president’s son to allow himself to be dragged into a scandal of this caliber is unprecedented. Had it not been for the fact he’s none other than Joe’s son, this story would be one for the ages.

That being said, we’re already used to the Bidens practically being the butt of every joke one could make about the Democrats. Joe’s current approval rating is definitely making some large contributions to that.

From the laptop story to the child support case he’s been evading, Hunter Biden is a disgrace to what a presidential family should represent. He will likely continue to be as long as Daddy is in office.

Right now, the only thing on everyone’s, including Judge Meyer’s mind, is what Hunter is actually worth. It’s not something you could easily put your finger on, as he’s got a number of different assets.

For some reason though, there’s no info on the valuations of his artworks, with his legal team claiming it was set up in a way that would prevent anyone from being perceived as influencing the Biden administration.

Judge Meyer demanded the gallery be forced to divulge the names of the buyers in order to get a grasp on the prices of the artworks Hunter has sold.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.