Joe’s Border Policies Keep Hurting Immigrant Children

A gruesome report from last month showed just how backward Biden’s border policies actually are. It outlined the often-overlooked fact that migrant children in the US tend to suffer a horrible fate.

Since 2017, 12 teen workers were killed by the faulty border policies that allowed them entry into the US, where they would later be exploited for work and ultimately exposed to vast amounts of risk of workplace injury.

We all saw it coming from a mile away

Among them was a 14-year-old boy who was hit on his bike while delivering food in Brooklyn, as well as a 15-year-old who fell off from a roof in Alabama. The 15-year-old was tasked with laying down shingles, a job that’s far too dangerous for a child that age.

On top of this, those who actually survive these horrible working conditions are often injured from being overworked as they try to piece together what little money they can to support their family back home.

What’s even more alarming is a large number of these injuries and deaths are unaccounted for. Dozens of minors get their legs or arms torn off by machinery without anyone even batting an eye.

No matter how you look at it, a production line of a factory is not a place a child should be. It’s partially why so many of these injuries continue happening.

18-year-old Paco Calvo explains when he first arrived in the US, he found work at a dairy farm in Middlebury, where he’s been hard at work for 12 hours every day in the past four years.

However, Calvo wasn’t among the lucky few who got through their first year of work without injury. His hand was crushed in an industrial milking machine by the end of the first month, something he believes happens to all beginners.

Trump did well to hold off a wave of migrants

The report also showed Biden’s pro-migrant Labor Department definitely keeps these deaths and injuries in check, but the issue lies in the fact they refuse to act on them, or even make them public for that matter.

This also adds to the growing issue of unemployment, which is only going to get worse if companies obtain a steady flow of cheap imported workforce, eliminating the need to hire quality workers from within the US.

One must note that the overall acceptance of unaccompanied children first started in 2008.

Even though these kids are actually escorted to the border by traffickers and smugglers, the system deems them as unaccompanied, allowing the cycle to continue for this long, ruining thousands of lives in the process.

However, Trump’s actions helped shut down this flow of migrant children into the US. This didn’t hold for too long, seeing as Biden took the reins a year later and allowed the teenage workers into the country once more.

So far, the Biden administration has essentially imported at least 320,000 unaccompanied children; they make up only a small part of the massive wave of immigrants that swarmed this country under Biden’s rule.

At the time, no one is speaking up about these child labor scandals, even though they’re far more gruesome than the separation policies that Trump put in place back in 2018/19.

We live in a world where children are sold off as livestock to work in horrible conditions and for periods of time no reasonable human could put a child through; this has to end right away.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.