Joe Walsh Accuses Trump of "Eliminating" GOP Primary Elections

The stakes are immensely high in the 2020 presidential election. Various groups have very clearly articulated their interests in blocking President Trump from winning a second term in the White House. The majority of this noise is coming from the Democrat Party. Each of the left-wing candidates have significantly fatal flaws which ensure that they’ll never beat President Trump in a general election. The president has already stated that Democrats aren’t a threat to his re-election in 2020.

However, the president is facing one challenger in the primary election; that challenger is Joe Walsh who previously supported President Trump and served as a member of Congress. Times have certainly changed because Walsh is now staunchly anti-Trump. As a matter of fact, Walsh’s entire campaign is based on the premise that the president is supposedly this awful con man who is tearing America apart.

Walsh’s latest charge against President Trump involves accusing him of attempting to “eliminate” primary elections in states across America, as documented by Breitbart News.

Why Does Walsh Think Trump is Shutting Down Primary Elections?

Earlier this week, Americans learned that the Republican Party shut down primary elections in four states: South Carolina, Arizona, Nevada and Kansas. Higher-ups in the GOP have subsequently noted that shutting down primary elections is common for a party when their nominee makes it in the White House.

However, despite the advantages which come along with Trump being the incumbent candidate, Walsh has different ideas. Yesterday, Walsh appeared on MSNBC and accused the president of “eliminating elections” for the sake of helping himself in the 2020 presidential election.

Despite the lack of evidence to support any of Walsh’s claims, his statements read as follows:

“This is not North Korea or Russia. Donald Trump is trying to eliminate elections. He wants to eliminate primary elections, right now in four states — Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina and Kansas. That is undemocratic B.S. It’s wrong, and that’s the kind of thing that should piss off Republican voters.”

Walsh later followed up his unfounded accusations by opining that the Republican Party is “taking away the will of the people.”

The Losing Game

Joe Walsh may be a Republican, but he is certainly playing the losing game right now. The entirety of his presidential campaign is about bashing President Trump. From a purely objective standpoint, Walsh has failed to communicate to voters what he has to offer and why conservatives should support him over the president.

“Trump is bad” is not a campaign strategy and it’s not going to win Walsh any support or votes. He has absolutely no evidence to support the assertion that the president masterminded the Republican Party’s decision to call off primary elections in the four, aforementioned states. However, this decision will adversely impact Walsh’s presidential campaign, something which was already a long shot to begin with.

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