Joe Manchin Steers Clear of Endorsing Biden For 2024 Reelection

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia frequently finds himself at odds with members of his party, especially the Biden administration.

Manchin often differs from his party when it comes to fiscal matters and the appropriate ways of governing in Congress.

For instance, when Democrats were all too eager to pass more congressional expenditures last year, Manchin sounded the alarm over inflation. Likewise, the West Virginia Democrat broke with his party when it moved to torpedo the Senate filibuster.

Now, Manchin is making headlines once again, this time over his remarks about Joe Biden and the 2024 presidential election, according to Daily Wire.

Staying Out of the Fray

Some Democrats have come out and expressly shared their views that Biden should run for another term in the upcoming presidential election cycle. However, Manchin’s view appears to differ.

During a Face the Nation interview, the Democratic congressman was directly asked if he would support Biden, should the president choose to pursue a second term in the Oval Office.

To this end, Manchin declared it is best to see everyone who gets into the race before making a decision about endorsements. Furthermore, the West Virginia senator said his “main focus” is delivering for the American people and the people who elected him in his own state.

In additional commentary, Manchin also said he wouldn’t be making any announcements about his own political future or plans until the end of 2023. Finally, the senator reiterated that he’s got too much work on his plate to make what he views as premature decisions in politics.

A Liability in the Making?

Some quiet chatters within the Democrat Party have suggested that Biden’s age could be a liability moving forward.

Certain Democrats, such as former congressman Tim Ryan, have also gone on record stating that the time for a generational change in who leads our politics is long overdue. In Ryan’s case, he said this generational change needs to happen for both his party and the Republican Party.

On the Democratic side, Marianne Williamson already announced her candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. This pits her squarely against Biden. Other candidates could likewise throw their hats in the ring and try to position themselves as better suited than Biden to secure the Democratic nomination.

Right now, the president has not officially gone on record to confirm he’ll seek a second term. However, there is still a strong expectation that Biden will eventually declare himself as a 2024 presidential candidate.

What do you think about Sen. Joe Manchin’s current refusal to endorse Biden for another presidential term? Do you think the president will ever be able to win Manchin’s endorsement if he runs for office again? You’re welcome to let us know in the comments section.