Joe Manchin Reiterates He Will Not Vote for Build Back Better


Amid the arrival of the new year, Democrats are hard at work to get Build Back Better passed. Last year, the left faced a significant blow when Sen. Joe Manchin stated this bill wouldn’t get his support.

It’s also worth noting that without Manchin’s backing, Build Back Better cannot pass, since every single Republican in the Senate is against the legislation. With at least 51 senators who oppose the bill, it doesn’t stand a chance.

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When the West Virginia senator stated he wouldn’t be voting for the Build Back Better Act, Democrats went wild. They accused Manchin of backstabbing Biden, holding up progress, and otherwise doing harm.

This year, since Congress has reconvened, there were reports about Manchin resuming talks with the White House about the Build Back Better Act. On Tuesday, Manchin confirmed these reports were false, as noted by Breitbart News.

Manchin on Build Back Better and More

While speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill, Manchin made it clear his issues with Build Back Better haven’t changed since last month when he announced the bill wouldn’t get his critical support.

The West Virginia senator likewise confirmed that he hasn’t been speaking with the White House on the legislation and there are no ongoing negotiations, despite recent reports suggesting otherwise.

In further conversations with reporters, Manchin also made it clear he’s not too keen on altering the rules of the Senate (as members of his party want to do) in order to pass legislation that would federalize US elections.

The moderate Democrat described doing away with the filibuster for this purpose as a “heavy lift.” Manchin also declared this is not something he finds preferable; it’s also worth noting that Manchin’s voiced opposition in the past against changing or weakening the Senate filibuster.

No Win for the Biden Administration

Back in December, the White House stated it would attempt to keep working with Manchin to figure out a way to get Build Back Better passed. However, judging from the lawmaker’s statements to reporters this week, his mind is made up.

Manchin furthermore held his ground in reiterating that his concerns about the Build Back Better Act (namely its price tag, the impacts it would have on inflation, COVID, social unrest, etc.) are as prominent now as they were in 2021.

Progressives in the Democrat Party have been furious with Manchin for refusing to support Build Back Better. Meanwhile, Manchin’s constituents in the deeply red state of West Virginia congratulated the senator for standing against the legislation.

West Virginians voiced last month that Build Back Better would hurt the energy and childcare sectors in their state.

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