Joe Biden Promises Mask Mandates, Forced COVID-19 Vaccines

"GOTV Mobilization Event at Riverside Hig" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

A nationwide mask mandate and compulsory coronavirus vaccines are what the American people have to look forward to if Joe Biden somehow weasels his way into the White House, following this presidential election.
Despite flip-flopping on a national mask mandate and its constitutional legality, Biden has repeatedly gone back to it, as Breitbart News explains.

This, combined with the former vice president’s admission that he’d mandate Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine, and possibly block those who refuse from participating in certain activities, is something that the American people must be fully aware and cognizant of.

Joe Biden on Mask Mandates

During a Tuesday sitdown with WISN-ABC, Biden returned to his initial promise to mandate face masks for all Americans.
The Democrat candidate for president professed that President Trump (who maintains that he won’t implement a national mask mandate) is not “taking responsibility” or putting out a plan. Not long afterward, Biden urged the American people to visit his website and read about his own plan which admittedly begins with a “mask mandate nationwide.”

Biden has repeatedly gone back and forth on whether he’d implement a federal mask mandate; at one point, the former vice president even stated that the Constitution wouldn’t give him the power to enforce a national mask mandate.

Joe Biden on Forced COVID-19 Vaccines

The trials for a coronavirus vaccine are not going well.
In less than two weeks’ time, an “unexplained illness” of a volunteer has happened along with the sudden death of another participant in a COVID-19 vaccine test. Multiple companies have paused their work on developing and testing for a coronavirus vaccination. This all comes on top of polls which show that large amounts of Americans do not trust or want this vaccine.
None of that matters to Biden though. During an ABC News town hall, the former vice president stated that he’d work to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine should he win the election.

Biden also expressly laid out a gameplan for imposing this mandate upon Americans. Getting state and local leaders to mandate the vaccine was mentioned, as was a possible prohibition of Americans engaging in certain activities unless they have the vaccine.
The writing is very clearly on the wall here. Later this evening, Biden will be in Tennesse for one last debate against President Trump. Just as the president has stated he will not mandate face masks, Trump also maintains that the coronavirus vaccine will be optional for Americans.
Do you want a president who would mandate masks and force people to get a vaccine they don’t want? Let us know your thoughts about Biden’s stance on mask mandates and forced vaccinations in the comments section below!