Joe Biden Laughs Off Serious Immigration Question

Immigration is once again at the center of national conversations. This is largely because of Joe Biden choosing to do away with Title 42, without putting any alternative safeguards in place.

As a result of this, video footage is emerging that shows migrants being let into the United States in large numbers. These individuals have likewise been caught on video dumping their visas and other identification forms.

Many Americans, including some moderate Democrats, have been pressing Biden to make some comprehensive changes when it comes to how immigration is managed.

However, when Biden was most recently confronted on this issue, his reaction was quite inappropriate, as reported by Western Journal.

No Laughing Matter

This past Friday, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain visited the White House to convene with Biden and discuss various political matters. At one point, a journalist questioned the US president about a migrant child who was found deceased while in the custody of American officials.

Instead of giving a serious, thoughtful answer to this question, Biden simply grinned as White House officials began removing press from the room.

This is part of a pattern. Throughout Biden’s presidency, his staffers have repeatedly gone to great lengths to keep the media from being able to question him in settings that aren’t controlled.

Much of this is thought to be a result of Biden’s tendency to go off on a tangent or otherwise put his foot in his mouth.

At the end of the day, the White House doesn’t want to be responsible for cleaning up the PR disasters that have emerged from Biden’s previous off-the-cuff remarks.

Preventable Problems

All of the chaos happening at the southern border could have been prevented, had the current president not ripped away effective immigration reforms when he first got into office.

The policies that Biden’s chosen to embrace regarding immigration only ensure that more lives are lost and more people feel entitled to unlawfully enter the United States.