Joe Biden Implicated in Kickback Scheme with Hunter Biden and Burisma by Ex-Obama Staffer

Mike McCormick, a former member of the Obama administration, stated he is prepared to testify under oath that back in 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden took part in a “kickback scheme.”

McCormick has asserted that Hunter Biden and Ukrainian gas company Burisma participated in the bribery conspiracy.

McCormick served in the White House as a stenographer for 15 years and was aboard Air Force Two on April 21, 2014, when what is claimed occurred.


Jake Sullivan, an aide to former Vice President Joe Biden, was recorded by McCormick stating, “We’re sending a lot of American aid over for fracking and Burisma was the primary recipient of that fracking.”

According to the official White House record, a “senior administration official” told the press that the U.S. authority would provide Ukraine with the necessary technology to extract unorthodox gas resources. That official, according to McCormick, is Sullivan.

Hunter Biden enrolled in Burisma three days before the top Obama administration official promised to support Ukraine with its energy requirements.

However, Burisma did not disclose Biden’s appointment to its board of directors until May 12, 2014. McCormick asserts that Joe Biden brought American taxpayer money to his company to enrich himself and his family.

Obama Too

The White House proclaimed in November 2014 that it committed nearly $320 million in aid to Ukraine, in addition to a $1 billion sovereign loan guarantee.

It was stated the funds would assist Ukraine with economic stabilization, capacity development in the security sector, and national unity. It also pledged to help with the rule of law, human rights, anti-corruption efforts, humanitarian aid, trade diversity, and energy security.

McCormick informed the FBI of the charges and is ready to testify under oath before a national grand jury in Delaware that is investigating Hunter.

He also asserted that former President Barack Obama should be summoned as an informant in the grand jury investigation “because he’s a component of the conspiracy.”

Biden has repeatedly refuted allegations that he discussed his son’s international business dealings or benefited financially from Hunter Biden’s alleged sway peddling.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.