Jill Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Not Good

The first lady has faced a lot of controversy as of late. Just earlier this month, Jill Biden landed into hot water when she compared the Latino community to breakfast tacos.

She was subsequently accused of pandering, being out of touch, and otherwise tokenizing Hispanic Americans. Later, the first lady would issue an apology for this through one of her aides.

During a recent Democratic fundraiser event, the first lady also tried to do damage control for all the problems her husband has faced as of late. Biden claimed that each time the president tries to put his work into action, he’s always faced with a major catastrophe.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been on a continuous decline for over a year now. According to Newsmax, Jill Biden isn’t too far behind him.

What Americans Think of the First Lady

A poll run by CNN/SSRS shows a major decline in favoritism toward the first lady within the past year. Today, Biden’s approval rating stands at just 34%. Last year, 58% of Americans favored the first lady.

Quite a bit has happened within the past year, though. In February, Jill Biden disappointed many Democrats when she announced the White House would be stepping away from its promises to pass free community college laws.

This was a major part of Biden’s 2020 presidential election campaign. With student loans being so problematic for much of America’s youth, the Democratic base was counting on the president to live up to this commitment.

Throughout Biden’s presidency, his wife has been there by his side, defending him at each and every turn. Needless to say, as this agenda backfires on the American public, it makes sense for the first lady’s approval rating to tank, owing to her association.

Growing Fatigue With the Bidens

Despite the first lady’s obvious attempts to prop up her husband, it’s not panning out so well. Growing numbers of Democrats, for instance, don’t even want Biden to go for re-election.

It is their self-admitted view that the current president is just too old and too inadequate at getting the job done.

Progressives, especially, continue to drive home the point that a different, younger candidate would be able to meet the moment and accomplish a Democratic agenda.

The president hasn’t delivered on a litany of promises he made to his base, ranging from a $15.00 minimum wage to the Build Back Better Act, free community college, climate change initiatives, etc.

Therefore, as Biden continues to lose the support of the public, it’s all but inevitable that his wife will follow suit.

What do you think is causing Jill Biden’s falling favorability rating? Let us know below in the comments area all about your thoughts regarding America’s first lady.