Jill Biden Stands by Her Man, Goes after Kamala Harris over Accusations of Racism

Jill Biden, the wife of Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden, went to bat for her husband on Monday, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Jill spoke about her husband and the various accusations against him. Over the past few weeks, Biden has faced claims of racism, particularly in light of his past work with segregationist senators. The Democrat frontrunner has also put his foot in his mouth on a series of other touchy issues, such as the treatment of the LGBT community.

During the primary debate, Kamala Harris, another presidential candidate, challenged Biden on his past work with segregationists. Harris also questioned Biden on whether or not he opposed bussing to schools in the 1970s. Biden and Harris went back and forth for a few moments; their exchange moreover led to Biden losing momentum in the polls and Harris gaining ground.

This could partially explain why Jill Biden chose to go to bat for her husband.

Reviewing Jill Biden’s Interview

During an interview with CNN, Jill Biden noted her husband’s service as Obama’s vice president, stating this as proof that Biden is not a racist. She also talked about Biden’s “values” and what the people of this nation know about him as an individual.

In Jill Biden’s own words:

“I think that they were looking at the past. I mean, the one thing you cannot say about Joe is that he’s a racist. I mean, he got into politics because of his commitment to civil rights and then to be elected with Barack Obama, and then someone is saying, ‘you know, you’re a racist?’ The American people know Joe Biden. They know his values. They know what he stands for and they didn’t buy it.”

Biden’s wife may believe that Harris’ attack on Biden didn’t hurt him, but it did. Shortly after the first Democrat primary debate, Biden dropped ten points in the polls. While the former vice president has still managed to retain his status as the Democrat frontrunner, the extent of his lead has decreased with time. It appears as though left-wing voters did “buy” what Kamala Harris had to say.

The Struggle of Biden 2020

Joe Biden’s campaign is ultimately struggling because of his political and personal shortcomings. Biden lacks the ability to connect with progressives and convince them that he’s a suitable candidate to represent their party in 2020. The former vice president furthermore lacks the nuance not to repeatedly put his foot in his mouth on issues which will alienate voters.

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