Jill Biden Bemoans Crises Facing Her Husband’s Presidency

It is no secret that Joe Biden’s presidency hasn’t been going so smoothly. He is routinely criticized over inflation, illegal immigration rates, climate change policies, and more.

Americans continue to note in polls their growing disapproval of Biden. Meanwhile, pluralities of American view him as unfit for office and most believe he should sit out the 2024 presidential election.

Between growing inflation, soaring crime rates, the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan (that led to the deaths of 13 US troops), etc., Biden’s been getting raked across the coals for his poor performance.

Now, first lady Jill Biden is complaining about the very crises that continue to emerge in America on her husband’s watch, documents Breitbart News.

The Latest From the First Lady

While speaking at a Nantucket fundraising event, Jill Biden went off on a tangent about the unfairness she thinks her husband is facing in office.

Biden claimed the president had many “hopes” and “plans” upon getting into office, but this is routinely being sabotaged by various issues that he has to deal with.

Further infantilizing her husband, the first lady complained he couldn’t have predicted Roe v. Wade being gutted or Ukraine coming under siege from Russian troops.

Biden then explained that for the time she has remaining as first lady, she intends to direct her attention toward causes such as cancer, higher education, and military families.

Finally, the first lady claimed that Biden getting into office following the 2020 presidential election was about “good” triumphing over “evil.”

A Different Version of Events

Many Americans don’t agree with the first lady’s narrative that paints the current president as some victim.

In fact, Biden’s been widely criticized for causing many of the problems Americans find themselves stuck with today. Energy is one prime example of this.

The president signed executive orders that shut down Keystone XL Pipeline and otherwise impeded the energy sector from maintaining domestic independence.

Likewise, Biden’s continued to push for more and more public spending, even with inflation recently getting to a 9.1% rate. Republicans have repeatedly laid out a series of steps the president could take to fix the challenges facing America today.

Biden’s repeatedly fluffed off advice to cut down on spending, work with domestic energy suppliers, and pump the brakes on the climate change agenda that’s making gas impossible to afford.

The president has yet to implement even one of these policies. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that Americans and the first lady can get ready to see more problems emerge on this president’s watch.

What do you make of Jill Biden complaining about the problems facing her husband during his time in office? Your insight on her remarks is more than welcome below in the comments section.