Jen Psaki Reportedly Threatened While Working For the White House

Today marks the last time that Jen Psaki will work as the White House press secretary.

Weeks back, there were rumors stating that Psaki would be moving over to work for MSNBC as a commentator.

During this time, the White House press secretary wouldn’t confirm or deny these rumors; although, when MSNBC remained silent, it became pretty clear that Psaki would be joining them.

With Psaki’s departure from the Biden administration, deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking over the job.

However, as the current press secretary makes her exit, she’s alleging that threats were levied against both her and her children, per The Hill.

Psaki on Being Targeted as a Public Official

During a breakfast with Christian Science Monitor, the departing White House press secretary spoke at length about the most challenging parts of her job.

Psaki claimed that she’d receive various letters and text messages with threatening messages against not just herself, but also her 4-and-6-year-olds.

On top of this, Psaki declared that some people sending these sinister messages even threatened to come to her home; although, thus far, this has not happened.

Later at the Christian Science Monitor event, the departing press secretary said she knows people may not like her; however, the well-being of her young children is ultimately what concerns her.

Finally, the exiting press secretary said the Arlington Republican Party has been disseminating her home address. Nonetheless, the Arlington GOP flatly denies this.

Rise of Threats Against Public Officials

At this time, various Supreme Court justices across the United States are also receiving threats.

Their addresses are being published on various online accounts; people have even shown up at their homes to demonstrate and cause scenes. Unfortunately, the White House has been very reluctant in even appearing to condemn this.

During former President Trump’s time in office, he received all sorts of death threats. These threats were also directed toward his children and others within his family.

The rise of threats against public officials comes as the country struggles with surging division. This is division that Biden said he would turn down as president; however, he’s done precisely the opposite.

Since getting into office, Biden’s repeatedly attacked Republican governors, Trump supporters, unvaccinated individuals, and even moderate Democrats in his own party who have certain disagreements with parts of his agenda.

Turning down the temperature of division in the United States would be great. Sadly, both the president and the White House continue to fuel this division.

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