Jane Fonda’s Comments About Pro-Life Americans Resurface Amid Nashville Shooting

Since last month’s mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school, there have been national conversations about the incident and what led up to it.

Many trans activists and others on the left have begun pointing the finger at conservatives, Christians, and Republican lawmakers who aren’t in favor of minors undergoing hormones or surgeries designed for gender changes.

The Nashville shooter was transgender and in the wake of this person targeting a Christian school, many Americans are pointing out that this also constitutes a hate crime.

As the country breaks this down, some comments that Hollywood actress Jane Fonda made about the pro-life community are now resurfacing, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Flashback to Fonda’s Rhetoric

During an appearance on The View, Fonda was asked about how she thinks people should react to the pro-life movement in America, outside of protests and marches. Fonda’s response was one word: “murder.”

The co-hosts on The View rushed in to claim Fonda was simply joking. However, the expression on her face made it clear she wasn’t speaking in jest. In fact, when Fonda was asked to repeat what she said, she once again stated “murder” without hesitation.

Unfortunately, “murder” is exactly what happened to three kids and three adults at the Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fonda’s comments are therefore facing newfound scrutiny with many critics saying she should be brought up on legal charges. Others pointed out that the rhetoric of the actress even falls under the umbrella of terrorism.

More Threats of Violence

Following Nashville’s school shooting, there are ongoing threats of violence being directed against Americans on the political right. Some trans activists have even gone so far as to advocate for ricin being used against those whom they deemed as hostile to their cause.

At this point, there is a real likelihood that more violence could very well break out, amid the continuous incitement of it. Meanwhile, there’s no word of Jane Fonda facing any legal action, despite her calls for murder.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.