Ivanka Trump Affirms Priorities of Trump Administration

The impeachment inquiry which Democrats have launched continues to dominate headlines as various Americans weigh in with their own thoughts and takeaways. Furthermore, the president has repeatedly chimed in with the facts, thus affirming that nothing inappropriate happened during his conversation with the leader of Ukraine. As you can imagine, however, facts and truth will not stop the Democrat Party from proceeding with their latest witch hunt.

Ivanka Trump by Michael Vadon, on Flickr

Ivanka Trump” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael Vadon

On Friday, First Daughter Ivanka Trump sat down for an interview with Fox Business. During this time, Ivanka was asked about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and its impact on the current White House administration.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, Ivanka stated that the Trump administration is focusing on the right priorities and bettering lives of Americans across the nation.

Ivanka on the Priorities of the Current White House

When asked about the impeachment inquiry, Ivanka confirmed that the Trump administration is focusing on policy, delivering on promises, and doing the work. The first daughter furthermore stated that President Trump is “used” to the type of treatment which he’s receiving from the Democrat Party.

Some of the specific measures which Ivanka noted as the subject of focus include a trade deal with Japan and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA); the first daughter also pointed out the role which Congress will play in passing various measures and contributing to the positive outcomes which the Trump administration is striving towards.

An excerpt of statements from Ivanka Trump reads as follows:

“I think everything’s a question of priorities. We have our priorities in the White House. We’re fighting every day for the American worker. We’re fighting every day to improve the quality of life for every single person in this country, and we are delivering in that fight and on that promise. That’s our priority.”

What to Expect Next

Antics from the Democrat Party shouldn’t be expected to die down anytime soon; as a matter of fact, it’s very likely that the left will amp things up once the general election gets here and Democrats pick a nominee to go toe-toe-toe against President Trump.

President Trump Returns from President T by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Returns from President T” (Public Domain) by The White House

There’s no doubt that this impeachment inquiry is going to result in a colossal failure for Democrats, just as the Russia investigation did. Firstly, the president has not committed any offenses which merit impeachment. Secondly, Pelosi doesn’t have the votes in the House and even if she did, the Republican-controlled Senate will not vote in favor of impeaching President Trump.

As Ivanka Trump stated, focusing on the right priorities is the best step for the current White House administration.

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