It's Time to See the Opioid Crisis as a National Emergency

As more and more Americans lose their lives to opioids, it’s time to refer to this crisis for what it truly is: a national emergency. Furthermore, many of the opioids which are making their way into the United States and bringing about so many deaths are coming from Mexico, according to Townhall.

A Closer Look at the Opioid Crisis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 70,000 Americans died due to opioids in 2017. The numbers for 2018 did not witness any improvements either. Earlier this year, border patrol agents managed to bust illegal immigrants’ attempts to smuggle fentanyl, a notable┬ásynthetic opioid, into the United States. The amount of transported fentanyl was enough to kill tens of thousands of Americans. At a time where we already have tens of thousands of people dying each year from opioids, upping the ante is the absolute last thing that we ought to be doing.
Due to the severity of the opioid crisis, the president of the United States should absolutely declare a national emergency. Truth be told, national emergencies have been declared for lesser issues, but regardless, this epidemic cannot be allowed to go on. How many more Americans will have to lose their lives to opioids before some real action is taken to combat this prevalent issue? This nation has many concerns and matters which need to be addressed and the opioid crisis is definitely one of them.
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