IT BEGINS: House Democrats Push For Trump's Recent Tax Returns

House Democrats are now pushing to gain access to the most recent tax returns of President Donald Trump, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Push for Trump’s Tax Returns

Democrats are now pushing for legislation which would mandate presidents and presidential candidates to release their tax returns. Of course, this push is nothing more than a mildly convoluted plot to gain access to President Trump’s tax returns, an obsession which Democrats have maintained since Trump announced his bid for the presidency.
Georgia Democrat John Lewis went into additional details about the proposed legislation:

“We have been called, we have been chosen to lead at this time in our history.¬†We will review whether a president, vice president or any candidate for these offices should be required by law to make their tax returns available to the public. In other words, we will ask the question: Does the public need to know that a person holding the highest office in our country obeys the tax laws?”

Since President Trump’s time in the political arena, he has released various financial disclosures. Of course, these disclosures are not enough to the Democrats who have incessantly¬†latched onto the tax returns. In previous times, the president has explained that he is undergoing an IRS audit and has thus been advised by his attorneys not to release his tax returns.

Playing Politics

It’s unfortunate that Democrats are more concerned with digging into Trump’s tax returns than they are with working for the American people. Instead of drafting new legislation to seize the aforementioned documents, Democrats should be working with the president on various policy issues, such as keeping government open past February 15th. Thus far, House Democrats have yet to do this.
What do you think about the latest ploy to get President Trump’s tax returns? Sound off in the comments section below and fill us in!
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