Is There a 'Crisis' at the Border? This Border Patrol Agent's Answer Stunned a CBS Reporter…

Earlier this year, a reporter with CBS was shocked to learn about the crisis at the Southern border.
As a matter of fact, when she questioned a Border Patrol agent about the matter, she was not expecting the answer which she received, as documented by The Blaze.

The Crisis at the Border

The United States Southern border has been in peril for quite some time. Back in January, a CBS reporter spoke with an agent who filled her in on the state of the border at that time.

“Let me put it this way, I’ve seen six different presidents in the time that I’ve been with the Border Patrol, and this is the worst crisis that I’ve seen.”

The reporter questioned the use of the word “crisis,” although the Border Patrol agent affirmed the appropriateness of the word. In January, the crisis was happening as the government shutdown remained underway. The reporter noted that Border Patrol agents were working without pay as a result of the shutdown; however, the agent stated that they were doing a job which needed to be done.

The Current State of Affairs

Sadly, the situation at the border still remains a very real issue even to this day. Last month, another Border Patrol official announced that they’re reaching their breaking point in terms of resources to handle and manage illegal immigration.
Like the CBS reporter, this is something which many people act surprised to hear. Some Democrats have even gone as far as to proport that illegal immigration has reached record lows. The left-wing may want the American people to believe that, but the facts prove otherwise.
The crisis at the Southern border has only worsened from where it was in January. Democrats are already calling for open borders and doing all they can to give a free pass to illegal immigrants.
What are your thoughts regarding the current state of affairs at the Southern border? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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