Is the American Flag “Political?”

Happy Independence Day, America. 

July 4th is here. The holiday of celebrating U.S. freedom and independence has arrived. Today is sure to be full of festivities; Americans across this great country will be lounging at beaches, attending fireworks shows, spending time with loved ones, and otherwise enjoying Independence Day. 

One thing Americans can expect to see today (of all days) is the American flag. 

However, liberal outlets like the New York Times apparently take issue with that. Just yesterday, the New York Times took heat after a scathing op-ed and social media post complaining about the American flag and branding the iconic symbol of U.S. freedom as “political.” 

The New York Times on Our Nation’s Flag

On Saturday, the socialist New York Times deemed the American flag as political. The Times furthermore asserted that Americans who embrace the U.S. flag are likely to be “Republicans”; this arrived before the leftist news publication declared that the American flag has ceased to be a unifying symbol in this nation. 

It doesn’t stop there, though. The New York Times even had the gall to bemoan Americans celebrating July 4th with Americana-themed cakes and other designs. Apparently, the left couldn’t even let Independence Day weekend pass before trashing the American flag and what it stands for. 

Americans’ Feedback to the New York Times

Yesterday afternoon, many liberty-loving Americans pushed back against the New York Times’ clear vilification of the U.S. flag. 

Some folks took to Twitter, stating that they know people of all political stripes who appreciate the flag. Others accused the New York Times of intentionally working to divide Americans; it also did not go unnoticed that the publication’s anti-American flag sentiment occurred on July 4th weekend of all times. 

To truly make a point, some Americans even tagged the New York Times in online images depicting the U.S. flag. 

The Symbolism of the American Flag

As many Americans pointed out this weekend, the flag stands for unity and freedom.

It also marks a symbol of the men and women who have died to keep the nation free. During a time when freedoms have come under attack like never before, it’s quite telling that the New York Times would demonize the flag on Independence Day weekend. 

Freedom is worth having and therefore worth defending. As Americans celebrate July 4th today, we must also never lose sight of what the great U.S. flag stands for. 

What does the American flag mean to you? Do you think the U.S. flag is a symbol of national freedom and unity or a political symbol as the New York Times has alleged? Let us know your 4th of July plans in the area reserved for comments down below.