Is Donald Trump the New Lincoln?

As the Trump presidency continues, questions about potential parallels between President Trump and Abraham Lincoln have come up, as seen by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at Trump and Lincoln

Many people who compare the two presidents have made it a point to note certain similarities. For instance, both Lincoln and Trump have had to deal with a press which was not necessarily in their fan club. While Lincoln faced criticism for his speech regarding the Civil War, Trump has faced ongoing attacks from the mainstream media who have made no secret of their vendetta against the current president.
Another common parallel between Trump and Lincoln is their methods of communication. During his time as president, Lincoln managed to speak to the people without using the press. Likewise, President Trump frequently employs the use of social media platforms in order to directly communicate with Americans.
In politics, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump both served as Republicans.

Additional Details

Although there are certain parallels and similarities between Trump and Lincoln, it’s important to note that both presidents come from very different time periods. Moreover, President Trump’s first term is currently underway and he has already announced that he will run for re-election. Lincoln’s tenure as president tragically ended when he was assassinated.
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