Is Bernie Sanders Harassing His Campaign Staffers?

Bernie Sanders is not having a very good presidential campaign as of late. Last month, Americans learned that Sanders lost his position as the second-place candidate to Elizabeth Warren. This month, Sanders has come under fire for campaigning on a $15.00 per hour minimum wage while failing to pay his campaign staffers this wage. In the face of backlash, Sanders changed his mind and claimed that he would pay staffers $15.00 per hour…under the condition of reducing their amount of hours.

Now, Sanders’ campaign is in the midst of another controversy. According to reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation, an anonymous worker from the Sanders’ campaign filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), alleging that workers for the campaign are attacked and intimidated via “employee questioning and retaliation.” Obviously, this treatment of staffers is neither legal nor ethical.

Everything You Need to Know

According to the official complaint, the Sanders campaign engaged in illegal termination, unlawful punishments and harassment of employees. At this time, explicit nature of the harassment which Sanders campaign staffers have faced is unknown. However, the anonymous workers filed the complaint with the NLRB on Friday, July 19, 2019. Additional details regarding the nature of this matter and subsequent follow-up action are likely to come within the upcoming weeks.

Not surprisingly, Bernie Sanders has yet to put out a statement or otherwise publicly address the latest controversy surrounding his campaign. Considering the extent to which Sanders has branded himself as a champion of working people, these allegations about how he’s treating members of his staff are very telling. It really just goes to show that Democrats will say whatever they have to say to win votes, even if they are behaving in a completely opposite manner behind the scenes.

Timing of Allegations Against Sanders’ Campaign

The timing of allegations against the Sanders campaign is very meaningful. With days until the second Democrat primary debates, it will be fascinating to see whether or not any other candidates confront Sanders on his aforementioned controversies. While Sanders is not leading the other Democrat contenders, he is in third place and therefore doing better than most candidates. Whether Sanders realizes it or not, this places a target on his back.

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