Iran Suffers Considerable Damage After Drone Strike

Over the past several months, Iran hasn’t had the easiest time lately. Last year, the country made headlines for the death of Mahsa Amini.

Nationwide protests occurred in the streets after Amini was believed to have been murdered by the Iranian “morality police,” due to her hair not being completely covered by her hijab.

These protests also brought a spotlight to human rights in general, which Iran has been repeatedly accused of violating over the years. Now, Iran just suffered a hit from a drone strike, yet seems to be undermining the gravity of damages incurred, according to PJ Media.

What Happened in Iran?

Multiple reports document that an airstrike was carried out by the Israeli government. On the receiving end of this hit was an Iran-based defense compound. Video footage of the incident shows a major explosion taking place; though if you let Iran tell it, the only damages incurred were “minor” ones.

Additional factories in Iran are also documented as targeted by various air strikes. As Iran downplays what took place, most of the world is able to see what’s really going on.

There are now concerns that Russia is eventually going to take sides in the rising tensions between Iran and Israel. Of course, Russia is wholly expected to back the former over the latter.

Though according to Iran’s foreign minister, nothing is going to stop the middle eastern country from showing “determination.” Iran furthermore alleges to want nuclear progress of a “peaceful” nature.

Growing Tensions Between Nations

What is happening between Israel and Iran is only a reminder of brewing tensions on the world stage that threaten global peace and leave the future feeling uncertain, to say the least.

Right now, Ukraine and Russia have been at war for nearly one year, ever since the latter invaded the former. At the same time, there are similar concerns about China eventually invading Taiwan in a similar manner.

Under the current administration, there’s been considerably mixed feedback about how the United States would respond if Taiwan found itself under an incursion from China.

Then, there are growing hostilities between the United States and China. Last year, the Chinese Communist Party threatened US officials for daring to take a trip to Taiwan.

Furthermore, there are worries today about Chinese officials buying up US land and employing various means to spy on American citizens.

In the middle of this all, North Korea has also been critical of America for sending aid to Ukraine amid its war against Russia. Right now, geopolitical tensions between various countries are proving to be an increasingly more delicate and concerning issue.

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