Iowa to Take Legislative or Executive Action Against Vaccine Passports

"Kim Reynolds" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Iowa Public Radio Images

The emergence of COVID-19 has led to debates over the past year about the appropriate roles of the United States government.

Republicans and Democrats greatly differ on this topic. The GOP, for the most part, has supported upholding freedoms and liberties, even in the face of coronavirus. Democrats, on the other hand, have used COVID-19 as a justification for passing more limitations and restrictions upon citizens and freedoms. 

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Vaccine passports are the latest chapter in this debate. To the shock of virtually no one, the Democrats are coming out in support of vaccine passports programs; almost one week has passed since New York officially implemented its own statewide vaccine passport. 

Republicans are taking a polar opposite stance on vaccine passport programs, however. On Wednesday, Iowa GOP Governor Kim Reynolds vowed to take legislative or executive action against the use of vaccine passports, as Breitbart News reports. 

Iowa Against Vaccine Passports

At this time, three out of 50 states in the country have banned vaccine passports; Idaho, Texas, and Florida are leading the charge in this direction. However, Florida is actually working to turn Governor DeSantis’ prohibition of vaccine passports into a state law. 

Yesterday, the Republican governor of Iowa affirmed that she is “strongly opposed” to the presence of vaccine passports. Governor Reynolds furthermore vowed that either legislative action or executive action will be employed to block vaccine passports in Iowa. 

The Iowa governor’s statements on vaccine passports also echoed that of many other GOP governors and leaders. Reynolds stated that while she encourages vaccination against COVID-19, the decision to receive the vaccine or not ultimately boils down to a personal choice. 

Governor Reynolds also reminded that Iowa has consistently relied on state residents to “do the right thing,” rather than issuing blanket mandates and government-imposed restrictions. 

Saying No to the New Abnormal

Many proponents of vaccine passports have argued that these tools are key to getting back to normal. However, other Americans are noting that there’s absolutely nothing normal about vaccine passports or the requirements that people have them to engage in society. 

The Iowa governor’s plans to ban vaccine passports in the state will likely be followed by other GOP governors. Thus far, Republicans, Libertarians, and other non-left Americans have continued to give vaccine passports a resounding NO. 

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