Iowa College Professor Under Fire After Coming Out as AntiFa Member

Over the past few years, Americans have been forced to deal with the blight known as AntiFa. First and foremost, the name of the group itself is a misnomer, seeing as AntiFa actually perpetuates the fascism which they claim to be against.

Beating people in the streets and advocating for violence against political opponents are not the marks of individuals who are truly “anti-fascist.” Unfortunately, AntiFa has become emboldened since Democrat leaders are failing to act and turning the other cheek when the group engages in violent conduct.

This has ultimately led to individuals in certain leadership roles adopting the values and practices of AntiFa. Jeff Klinzman, an Iowa professor, recently came under fire after expressing an urge to beat President Trump with a bat, according to Fox News.

When questioned by an Iowa TV station about the matter, Klinzman openly declared, “I am AntiFa.” The social media posts of this Iowa professor are quite concerning, in light of his influence over students with young minds.

Reviewing Klinzman’s Loyalty to AntiFa

In a nutshell, this Iowa professor believes that Evangelicals are harming America and directly expressed an interest in “[exacting] revenge.” This actually puts him right in line with the values of AntiFa, given the group’s penchant for violent behavior. AntiFa has gotten to be so bad that President Trump has openly announced that the group may soon be classified as an organization of terror.

“I affirm that I am Antifa,” are the words which Klinzman declared on KCRG-TV.

The news station also managed to find a series of troubling social media posts from the professor. As previously noted, these posts include admitted urges to “exact revenge” against Evangelical Christians, the desire to harm President Trump, and support of content from the Iowa Antifa Facebook page. Secret Service is presently aware of Klinzman’s statements, although there have been no reports of an investigation.

Leftist Indoctrination

Klinzman’s status as a college professor is quite concerning in light of his admitted interest in employing violence against those who disagree with him. This is how AntiFa operates, however, and anyone who declares allegiance to that group should not be teaching young minds. There’s no way of telling what messages Klinzman could be conveying to college students in Iowa.

Thus far, Democrat leaders have yet to speak out against this Iowa professor or the ideals of violence which he’s promoting. Although, if a conservative went on air and called for violent actions against progressives, the left would never let it go and they’d claim that all right-wingers are dangerous. Quite frankly, the Democrats’ silence on this matter is deafening.

What do you think of Jeff Klinzman’s statements on AntiFa and his desire to “exact revenge?” Give us your take in the comments section down below!