Intel Leak Proves America is Already Fighting in Ukraine

Recent intelligence leaks in late March showed much more about what’s going on in Ukraine and its war with Russia.

The US government is investigating how these leaks ended up being shared on a Discord server, but admitted at least some of them are correct.

Now, shocking information is coming out about how America and other allied nations already reportedly have special forces on the ground in Ukraine.

What Do the Leaks Show?

Among other information, such as the devastated state of Ukraine’s air force, the leaks show the US is already fighting in Ukraine. It also shows that Western nations are helping out with various special forces.

According to these intel leaks which were identified as “top secret,” the UK has 50 special forces operators in action in Ukraine, while the US has 14 and France has 15.

These are a small number of SF operators, but they still technically do show an entry into the war. Ukraine is planning a major counterattack in the near future and having this information spill out is not good news for the US.

It’s likely to lead to more Russian lashing out and reaction in an already brutal war that started over a year ago in February 2022.

American Heroes

American heroes have already died in Ukraine, including the father of five Dane Partridge from Idaho who was killed in action in October of 2022.

The difference is that Partridge was not fighting on behalf of the United States, but rather as a volunteer who also happened to be American.

The leak showing SF on the ground is different as it shows the US government’s deployment of troops. What happens next remains to be seen, but these intel leaks are proving more damaging than expected.

The Bottom Line

It’s no real surprise that special operators are on the ground in Ukraine. What is more concerning is there seems to be no plan to actually end this war and we creep closer to World War Three by the day.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.