Instagram Users Shred Biden on Six Month Anniversary of Presidency


Yesterday marked the unfortunate, six month anniversary of President Biden’s time in the White House. The Biden administration, of course, celebrated this six month marker on social media. They posted on multiple social media sites about the so-called wins of the administration. 

This is par for the course for the Biden White House. Regardless of how much their leadership has failed, the administration still feigns as if all is well. This truly speaks to the utter disconnect and delusions within the Biden administration; it’s also yet another prime example of the reality that Biden has no business being president. 

Thankfully, however, the White House’s braggadocious posts caused them to get a reality check. On Instagram, social media losers laid into Biden and the White House, sharing their true views about this administration, as Fox News confirms. 

What Americans Really Think of Biden’s Six Month Anniversary as President

In the White House’s post commemorating Biden’s six months as president, they mentioned supposed job growth and getting hundreds of millions of Americans vaccinated. Notably absent from the White House’s celebratory Instagram post was the reality of multiple crises facing the United States right now. 

Thankfully, the American people did not let this slide. Users in the comments section mentioned the reality that inflation is booming right now and projected to keep worsening. Other folks pointed out that six months of the Biden presidency has already engendered a higher national deficit, mass illegal immigration, and the destruction of energy independence. 

Additional critics of the Biden administration noted the president’s poor response to the uprisings happening in Cuba. It also didn’t slip the minds of Americans that Biden’s responsible for a current crime surge as his party pushes to weaken and defund law enforcement. 

It’s very telling that the White House neglected to mention these aspects as they celebrate the 46th president’s six months in office. 

The Frightening Reality

For many Americans, the six month marker of Biden’s presidency is not a celebratory event; to the contrary, it’s a stark reminder of how much damage Biden’s done to America in less than one year. Furthermore, it begs to question: what will the country look like by the time 2024 rolls around? 

The Biden administration has yet to present any solutions to the plethora of problems they caused. Instead, the White House remains determined to live in this alternate reality, faulting Republicans for the messes that Democrats have created. It speaks volumes right now that the White House would celebrate all the suffering Biden has caused over the past six months.

Are you glad that Americans are holding the Biden administration accountable for its failures over the past six months? Let us know in the comments section below.