Insanity: Liberals Promote Self-Induced Abortion

The left-wing seemingly gets wilder and more outrageous with each passing day. According to Townhall, the latest spectacle of progressivism comes in the form of advocacy for self-induced abortions.

Reviewing Left-Wing Support for Self-Induced Abortions

Left-wing support for abortion is not an unusual┬ástance. Democrats, progressives, and other individuals on the left have championed for abortions and women who have abortions. Nevertheless, the advocacy for self-induced abortions is brand new and quite frankly shocking, even for people who claim to support “a woman’s right to choose.”
Ironically, left-wingers, in previous times, have used prior cases of self-induced abortions as a talking point to support their stance on abortion. Now, in a twisted sort of inverse, Democrats are actually claiming that self-endorsed abortions should be lauded and praised.
This is in spite of the plethora of health dangers which are attached to these types of abortions. Women have literally died from trying to abort their own babies, but apparently, this doesn’t matter to progressives. Democrats are so progressive that the hazards associated with self-induced abortions should be ignored for the sake of tolerance.
This is how absurd the left-wing has become in 2019.
An advocate associated with The Self-Induced Legal Abortion Team movement provided the following statement:

“Because of the safer procedures and a growing support network, advocates say, more women are seeing self-managed abortion as an empowered choice — not an act of desperation.”

What are your thoughts? Are progressives right in their latest attempt to “empower” women by promoting self-induced abortions? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!
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