Inflation Now Coming Back to Bite Biden


For months, at this point, inflation has been getting worse and more costly for the American public. The cost of everything is higher than ever; meanwhile, the spending power of the dollar is getting weaker and weaker.

President Biden has no solution to solve the inflation problem that his presidency engendered. In fact, just earlier this week, Biden chuckled at the reality of Americans paying record-high prices at the gas pumps.

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However, Biden may not be laughing for long, seeing as inflation is now coming back to bite him.

According to Newsmax, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (a key congressional voter Biden needs to get his agenda passed) is indicating he may refuse to vote for Biden’s Build Back Better plan, due to inflation.

The Economic Crisis Comes Full Circle

On Wednesday, Sen. Manchin tweeted out the claims of inflation being “transitory” are lies. The West Virginia Democrat additionally pointed out that Washington D.C. no longer has the luxury of pretending that inflation isn’t hurting the lives of Americans.

This was a clear warning to Manchin’s fellow Democrats. On top of this, sources are now claiming the senator may refuse to vote for Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, due to inflation’s current presence in America.

Because the Senate is divided 50/50 (and because Biden has alienated GOP senators), Manchin’s vote is critical towards getting any legislation through the Senate. Right now, rumor has it that Manchin could wait until next year before he even considers voting in favor of Biden’s plan.

Inflation’s Persistent Threat

Inflation poses an ongoing threat to the United States, regardless of how in denial Biden remains about this reality. Already, jobs and wages are trailing the rise of inflation.

Truth be told, there’s a certain irony to Biden’s own failures now standing in the way of him getting the necessary votes to pass his bill. Manchin isn’t wrong, however; the time of Democrats being able to downplay the impacts of inflation is over.

Quite frankly, none of the 46th president’s plans need to go anywhere, but into a dumpster bin. However, with the economy bogged down by inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and employee shortages, the last thing America needs is more bad policy from the federal government.

Progressives are furious (yet again) over the possibility that Manchin could refuse to vote for Biden’s plan until at least 2022. Although Manchin is a Democrat, he’s also standing in the way of the socialist, radical left having a smooth-sailing path to destroying the country.

What do you think about America’s inflation crisis coming back to bite Joe Biden in a way he never saw occurring? Do you think Sen. Manchin will, in fact, stall the president’s agenda? We’d love to read your predictions in the comments area below.