Independent and Hispanic Voters Turn on Biden


There are so many ill-advised decisions Biden’s made over the course of his presidency thus far. Removing our troops from Afghanistan before getting U.S. citizens, allies, and weapons out is one example.

Another example involves this president attacking the private sector with divisive COVID vaccine mandates and government handouts that enable people to remain jobless. Biden and his administration keep trying to convince the public they’re building back better.

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Nevertheless, the results say otherwise. If the president’s idea of building back better entails mass illegal immigration, inflation, staff shortages, a supply chain crisis, etc., this is all the more reason he shouldn’t be in office.

Now, Breitbart News is reporting that Independent and Hispanic voters are turning on President Biden big time.

Another Disastrous Poll for Biden’s Presidency

A poll run by FiveThirtyEight documents the massive losses in support the 46th president has experienced since taking office. He’s essentially gone down in approval with all sorts of demographics of Americans.

However, Biden’s losses amongst Hispanic and Independent voters are especially pronounced. FiveThirtyEight determined Hispanics’ collective approval of Biden is now below 50%, with it having previously been in the high 60% range.

Meanwhile, Independents’ support of Biden is less than 35%. During the spring, Independents approved of Biden at 50%. Like FiveThirtyEight, previous polls have documented Independent voters’ increasing lack of support for the current president.

Biden’s management of the economy and COVID are the two issues that seem to have alienated Hispanic and Independent voters the most. Contrary to what this president wants the country to believe, he is not building back better. The economy is looking at a supply chain crisis and inflation.

Meanwhile, as Biden pushes COVID vaccine mandates and calls for first responders to lose their jobs if they don’t take the shot, he’s only worsening the already struggling economy. Workers are walking off their jobs, getting fired, and otherwise not responding well to this mandate at all.

A Failed Presidency

Here’s the reality: mass blocs of voters do not approve of the job Biden is doing. His presidency has turned out to be one series of unfortunate events after the other. The White House may not want to admit this, but these are the facts.

At this point in time, it’s abundantly clear Biden has no plans to change his actions or stances on issues. The president doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing or saying; therefore, why would he change?

Biden may not change; however, it’s time for the power structure in the federal government to change. It is time for the Republican Party to take back the House and Senate so Congress can check and counter the mayhem coming from the White House.

What do you think of Biden’s massive loss of support amongst Independent voters and Hispanic voters? Let us know below in the comments section.