Incoming Chicago Mayor Provides Cover For Rioters

Things are not going well in Chicago.

Just earlier this month, unhinged rioters took to the streets, vandalized property, and caused unspeakable chaos. Unfortunately, these acts put many innocent people in the line of fire and further hurt a community that’s already been on the rocks.

Crime rates have significantly skyrocketed under outgoing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Lightfoot recently lost her election to serve a second term in the Windy City. Now replacing her is none other than Brandon Johnson, the incoming mayor-elect.

As things stand today, Johnson has made it clear that he won’t be taking any serious steps to crack down on lawlessness, as documented by the New York Post.

Johnson Gives Rioters a Pass

The latest commentary from the mayor-elect of Chicago shows that America can expect to see more violence and chaos in the city.

Days ago, Johnson went on the record and provided all sorts of excuses for those who burned the Windy City and brought about so much destruction.

He talked about their young ages and said they need more opportunities. Johnson also went on the record to claim the rioters made “silly decisions,” which severely downplays the violence that happened in Chicago.

On social media, many Americans were understandably aghast by the permissive attitude that Chicago’s incoming mayor embraced.

More Dark Times For Chicago

Due to the current crime epidemic in Chicago, many businesses are shutting down and relocating to safer places. Likewise, the city is getting a bad rap as tourists report being subjected to the whims of violent offenders.

Judging from what this country has seen, it appears that Johnson’s leadership of Chicago will be a 2.0 version of how Lightfoot chose to govern. This means more lawlessness, more business departures, and heightened mayhem.

As sad as it may be, this is ultimately what most Chicago residents voted for.