Illegal Released By De Blasio Bites Off ICE Agent's Finger

If you let the Democrats tell it, illegal immigrants are pious victims who have simply been dealt a bad hand in life and are coming to America in the only manner they know possible.
This is the narrative which the left-wing has chosen to adopt and yet time and time again, it is regularly proven as an inaccurate and false narrative. Thanks to the release of an illegal immigrant in New York, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer had her finger bitten off, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know about What Happened

Christopher Santos Felix managed to come to the United States in 2015 thanks to a visitor’s visa. However, Felix also chose to overstay his visa and commit a series of other crimes, including assault and driving under the influence. He was promptly taken into custody, but as a result of the sanctuary city laws in New York, authorities had to release him from custody.
Earlier this month, Felix was once against arrested for immigration violations. The time of the arrest is when Felix elected to bite off the finger of the officer. As a result of his actions, Felix is now facing federal prosecution.
A spokesperson for ICE issued the following public statement about the unfortunate, yet preventable incident:

“On March 3, 2019, Santos Felix was arrested by ERO for immigration violations. At the time of the arrest, Santos Felix allegedly assaulted an ERO officer and is now facing federal prosecution. The officer’s injury was the direct, foreseeable and entirely avoidable result of New York’s criminal alien sanctuary policies. Proponents of sanctuary policies claim they make communities safer, but in many cases, they are causing more harm than good.”

The Danger of Illegal Immigrants

Contrary to the leftist, socialist narrative, illegal immigrants are dangerous in many regards. This is something which Democrats don’t like to hear, but facts don’t care about feelings.
How many stories must there be of illegal immigrants murdering, raping, and biting off fingers of law-abiding citizens? To add insult to injury, ICE officers are constantly under attack by the far-left who demonizes them for simply doing their job, enforcing the immigration laws and keeping America safe.
There are many truths which the Democrats need to come to terms with. The most important truth of all is that illegal immigrants are not owed American citizenship. Migrants who wish to come to the United States must follow the immigration laws and come here legally. That’s all there is to this.
As long as Democrats continue to work against the best interests of America by creating sanctuary cities and enabling illegal immigrants, Americans will continue to be put in danger.
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