Illegal Immigrants With COVID-19 Being Released Into America

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For just about one year now, Americans have heard endlessly about the need to stop the transmission of coronavirus. Between lockdowns, months of children being kept out of classrooms, etc., many people have suffered greatly, all in the name of stopping the almighty COVID-19.

When Joe Biden became president, he vowed to “defeat” coronavirus; yet, all he’s done is tell Americans to social distance, wear face coverings, and take their vaccine doses when available.

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In light of how mitigations strategies have rocked the lives of countless people, the last thing Americans would expect is the knowledge that illegal immigrants with COVID-19 are being allowed in the states. However, Newsmax confirms that this is precisely what’s happening, thanks to the Biden administration.

Illegal Immigrants in America and with COVID-19

Since the end of January, more than 100 illegal immigrants to test positive for coronavirus are in the country, left to their own devices. Unlike many Americans, illegals with COVID-19 are not subjected to job-crushing shutdowns and other restrictions.

Brownsville, Texas spokesperson Felipe Romero has even worse news. Technically, illegal immigrants with coronavirus are being advised to follow CDC guidelines; however, with the Biden administration calling the shots, illegal immigrants are free to roam wherever they please, despite being coronavirus carriers.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has made his stance on this matter quite clear. On Wednesday, the Texas governor called upon the Biden administration to put an immediate end to this situation at the border.

Radio Silence from the Biden Administration

President Biden and his aides are remaining tight-lipped about the situation at the country’s Southern border. Merely days ago, the 46th president claimed that there are no crises at the border; however, the news of illegal immigrants carrying coronavirus across the nation says otherwise.

Biden continues to stress the importance of Americans adhering to coronavirus restrictions; furthermore, he criticized the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi for revoking mask mandates and other restrictions. Interestingly enough, though, Biden has a very different attitude towards illegal immigrants getting a free pass from COVID-19 restrictions.

In spite of illegal immigrants with COVID-19 being released throughout the Lone Star State, Texas is still working to deliver coronavirus vaccines to folks who want them.

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