Illegal Immigrants May Have a Tougher Time Remaining in Public Housing

For quite some time, illegal immigrants have been able to unlawfully enter America and still recieve perks and benefits. However, that’s all beginning to change.
New developments from Fox News have affirmed that the Trump Administration is working on enacting a new rule which would directly impact illegal immigrants who reside in public housing facilities.

Everything You Need to Know

Put simply, any individual who lives in public housing will have to confirm the status of their immigration, assuming that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposal goes into effect. Families who currently reside in these facilities would also have to prove that each member is a lawful resident or a holder of a green card. Individuals who have yet to confirm their immigration status would be mandated to do so during the next time their status as a beneficiary of government assistance is reviewed.

During an interview with Fox Business last week, Secretary Carson also provided additional details which pertain to the HUD proposal:

“We have a long list of people we can only serve right now one in four of the people who are looking for assistance from the government.┬áSo obviously we want to get those people taken care of. And we also want to abide by the laws.”

Opposition from the Left-Wing

As one might imagine, the aforementioned proposal has already attracted strong condemnation from Democrats. The left maintains that the previously described measures would generate “hardships” for various illegal immigrant families.
What about the hardships of veterans who are literally dying in the streets after heroically serving this country? This is something which the Democrats won’t talk about or address.
The fact of the matter is that people who want to come to this country must do so legally. No one should be allowed to enter America illegally and benefit from the taxpayers’ dime. This is precisely what has been happening for far too long.
What are your thoughts on the rule being proposed by HUD? Should individuals be required to confirm their immigration status before receiving public housing assistance and other benefits? Let us know in the comments section below!
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