Ilhan Omar Makes Mockery of U.S. Veterans

House Rep. Ilhan Omar repeatedly comes under fire for making troubling and inappropriate statements about this country. Despite immigrating to America as a child, Omar has all these problems with our nation and never hesitates to profess her grievances in the crudest manners possible.

Al-Sisi in Washington: Egyptian Presiden by POMED, on Flickr

Al-Sisi in Washington: Egyptian Presiden” (CC BY 2.0) by POMED

Some of the congresswoman’s most reprehensible remarks involve referring to 9/11 as “some people did something” and accusing U.S. politicians of being paid to support Israel. Whenever Omar takes flak for her statements, she generally doubles down and points fingers, rather than self-reflecting.

A person like this has no business being in Congress or anywhere close to power; however, Omar is the end result of what happens when socialists and haters of America are elected into office.

Unfortunately, she’s back at it again. New developments from Fox News confirm that Omar is taking heat after making light of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a very real experience that many veterans experience after war.

Everything You Should Know

On Wednesday, Rep. Omar held a press conference where she bemoaned the present tensions between American and Iran. This comes after the death of Iranian terrorist Soleimani and outrage from leftists who are siding with a terrorist over a United States president. Omar professed that “conversations of war” and “everything that is taking place” has caused her to become “stricken” with PSTD.

In the wake of Omar’s commentary, House Republican and Navy Reserve official Jim Banks responded with criticism. Banks explained that Omar’s remarks about PTSD are offensive and make light of U.S. veterans who actually do suffer from this condition after “putting their life on the line to keep America safe.”

Of course, in the wake of Banks’ feedback, the congresswoman didn’t take a second to even consider his statements or position. Instead, Omar just doubled down, accusing the Navy Reserve official of “[erasing] the PTSD of survivors.”

Pushback from Rep. Banks

Despite Omar’s decision to double down on her remarks, Rep. Banks still held her feet to the fire. The Navy Reserve official responded to Omar’s tweet, stating that he wasn’t going to let her “change the subject.” Banks then followed up, declaring that the congresswoman’s attitude, “words and actions” during her news conference were indicative of how she feels about our nation’s troops.

Following the pushback from the GOP rep, Omar declined to respond. While the congresswoman later tweeted out about not wanting war with Iran, she failed to address her decision to laugh and giggle during talks of overseas, American deaths.

None of this — not Omar’s attitude, laughter, or response to pushback — should come as a shock to anyone. The congresswoman has a documented track record of making flippant statements about America, siding with U.S. enemies, and making a mockery of our allies.

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