Hunter Biden Cooking Up Scam to Pay Millions of Dollars in Legal Fees

Hunter Biden is reportedly up to a new major-league financial scam as he is plotting to use political donations to invite favors from his father. This may help him pay millions of dollars worth of legal bills that he is accruing already, according to a report.

Highly Suspicious Scam to Curry Favor with Sleepy Joe

Hunter Biden has become best known publicly for the scandalous revelations based on materials from his so-called “laptop from hell,” as well as other leaked documents, including from FBI investigations.

According to a report by Red State, which is based on a Washington Post article, Empty Shelves Joe’s son is already facing legal fees that could amount to millions of dollars.

Those will be racked up in his upcoming criminal tax case, as well as hearings in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

It is the WaPo report which offers a clue into the “solution” that Hunter Biden and his allies appear to have come up with: establishing a “legal defense fund,” whose twist is that it would seemingly allow donors to “purchase” favors from his president father, Joe Biden.

According to the leftist mainstream media paper, Hunter Biden’s allies have already begun talks on how to set up the so-called “legal defense fund” so he can afford the cost of his “growing team” of lawyers.

The attorneys in question are helping him to fight off not only a “years-long federal tax” probe, but also new congressional inquiries, The Washington Post says, citing sources “familiar with the matter.”

The report informs the legal-defense fund effort has been caused by the first son’s recent struggle to pay legal bills while, at the same time, Hunter and his allies started to pursue a new and “aggressive legal strategy.”

Legal Fees May Be Exaggerated to Enable Political Corruption

Sleepy Joe’s son is presently under investigation for tax fraud, tax evasion, and gun purchase crimes. At the same time, lefties insist any violations he may have committed stem from past drug addiction.

However, the tax evasion and tax fraud probes are connected with the period when Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president and his son made a lot of money from murky foreign business ventures.

Red State comments that any legal defense fund in favor of Hunter Biden could be nothing “but a scam” since it would apparently “curry favor” with the first son’s father.

It adds Hunter Biden does not seem to have a crowd of supporters eager to donate to his cause, meaning the donations would come from political “high-rollers.”

The commentary stresses that Hunter Biden is reported to have racked up legal fees worth millions even as he hasn’t even been charged with any crime yet and hasn’t been subpoenaed by House committees.

This means, for the time being, Joe Biden’s pride only had to defend himself from “public scrutiny.”

That, in turn, leads to the conclusion that claims of millions of US dollars needed for legal fees may be exaggerated to enable the establishment of the legal-defense fund as a source of political corruption.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.