House Republicans Show Little Sympathy For Cawthorn’s Primary Loss

This past Tuesday, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn did not win his primary election.

Despite having the endorsement of former President Trump, Cawthorn was ultimately bested in the North Carolina primary by Sen. Chuck Edwards.

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Cawthorn’s loss in the primary election came following one scandal after the next with him. For starters, the congressman was caught on a leaked video that showed him nude, in bed with another man, rubbing his genitalia on this man’s face.

On top of that, the North Carolina Republican brought firearms through airport security checkpoints multiple times, despite the simple and legal way of traveling with firearms.

Cawthorn faced accusations of insider trading, claimed he was invited to orgies by lawmakers (then later walked this back), and was caught driving with a license that was no longer valid.

In light of all these problems, House Republicans haven’t exactly shown much sympathy for Cawthorn losing his primary election, according to Fox News.

House GOP Members on Cawthorn’s Ouster From Congress

Republicans who openly shared their thoughts about Cawthorn getting voted out of seeking another term did so on the condition of anonymity.

One GOP member expressed hope that Cawthorn would learn a lesson from the mistakes he’s made. This Republican also stated Cawthorn ultimately brought this primary loss upon himself.

Another House Republican is quoted as saying that Cawthorn’s repeated antics constituted an “embarrassment” to Congress itself.

Other lawmakers in the House GOP opined that the body was better off without Cawthorn and claimed the North Carolina congressman wasn’t doing anything to help the GOP move forward.

The Antics Continue?

Less than 24 hours after conceding the North Carolina primary election to Chuck Edwards, Cawthorn released a bizarre Instagram post.

This post called for the rise of “Dark MAGA” and the “new right” to come after Republicans who Cawthorn deems as globalists and establishment figures.

The defeated congressman would later proceed to profess he’s on a “mission” to stop the “weak and cowardly” members of the Republican Party.

This, presumably, is a reference to Republicans who worked hard to stop Cawthorn from securing another term in the House of Representatives.

The “Dark MAGA” commentary has been widely criticized online. Many folks using social media have reacted to it by mentioning the very scandals that led to Cawthorn’s undoing on Tuesday.

In actuality, this is what turned off a lot of North Carolina voters in Cawthorn’s district and paved the way for Edwards to secure victory.

What do you think about Republicans’ reactions to Madison Cawthorn losing his election on Tuesday? Do you believe GOP members were right to rally against him and ultimately vote him out?

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