House Republican Kevin McCarthy Rips Into Build Back Better Agenda


The Build Back Better Act is an agenda packed with disasters. Late last week, the House of Representatives passed the bill, thus leaving it currently in the hands of the Senate.

However, before the legislation passed the House, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy spent 8.5 hours filibustering against the bill, thus delaying the vote, and picking apart the plethora of monstrosities associated with it.

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The House Minority Leader’s filibuster started on Thursday night and carried into the morning hours of Friday. McCarthy slammed Biden’s plan to fund the IRS so it can go after any American citizen spending beyond $28 per day.

The Republican leader furthermore pointed out how the bill comes with massive spending, payouts to illegal immigrants, and more. Over the weekend, McCarthy also spoke with Fox News regarding the many problems attached to the Build Back Better Act, as Newsmax reports.

Leader McCarthy on the Danger of Biden’s Agenda

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, McCarthy explained that Biden’s policies, leadership, and agendas are simply failing.

The leading House Republican declared this failure is evidenced by inflation, surging gas prices, the weakening of the U.S. military, attacks against parents from the Justice Department, and more.

Socialism from big government is failing and McCarthy didn’t mince words when truly honing in on this point. The House Republican also explained that Biden and the Democrat Party are additionally lying to Americans about the true price tag associated with Build Back Better.

Finally, McCarthy explained because of how Democrats are going about passing extreme legislation, lying to the American public, and openly aligning themselves with a socialist agenda, Republicans will take back the House of Representatives.

However, the Build Back Better Act is still working its way through Congress; therefore, Leader McCarthy is confident Republican lawmakers can ultimately defeat it.

A Warning for the Democrats

McCarthy’s assertion that Republicans will take back the power in the House of Representatives is backed by numerous factors. For starters, generic congressional midterm ballots have Republicans carrying double-digit leads over Democrats.

Secondly, growing numbers of Democrats in the House are choosing to retire or run for office in other places, therefore not defending their seats in 2022.

On top of all this are President Biden’s terrible approval ratings which are demonstrating to be a drag on Democrat candidates in all sorts of races. Vice President Harris is supposed to be helping Democrats campaign during the 2022 midterms; however, her approval ratings are even more under than Biden’s.

Campaigns for the 2022 races have already begun and Republicans are holding nothing back as they go after Democrats and their harmful policies.

Do you think GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is right about his warnings regarding the Build Back Better Act? We’re excited to read your thoughts in the comments field below.