House Dems Passed a Bill to Ban Assault Weapons

The House of Representatives voted in favor of banning assault weapons; two Republican lawmakers broke ranks with the party to support the legislation.

While the bill was passed by 217-213 in the House, it is expected to stall in the upper chamber, due to the Senate filibuster.

House Passed Anti-Assault Weapons Bill

Two Republican lawmakers, Brian Fitzpatrick and Chris Jacobs, voted in favor of the bill, while five Democrats broke with their party to vote against the bill.

While praising the measure, President Biden noted most Americans support the “common sense action” of banning assault weapons, so the Senate should also pass it immediately.

The newly passed bill would ban Americans from “knowingly” possessing, manufacturing, selling, or transferring Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices, as well as Semiautomatic Assault Weapons.

Named the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022, this bill is passed, amid rising concerns about the involvement of assault weapons in recent mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, New York, and Highland Park, Illinois. 

Previously, Congress introduced one-decade-long assault weapons restrictions in 1994 when then-Senator Joe Biden played a crucial role in crafting the gun ban legislation.

However, since the ban ended in 2004, even Democrats remained reluctant in renewing the legislation, since most Americans did not want to see their gun rights snatched away.

Whereas now in the wake of recent shootings, Democrats are trying to lure voters ahead of the high-stake November elections, in which they are expected to face historic defeats nationwide.

Dems Playing the Election Year Strategies

Many Republicans dismissed the bill by calling it an election-year strategy of Democrats to attract voters who can focus on hot-button issues like the economy and inflation, otherwise.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler of the GOP called the bill a “pure and simple gun grab.” Likewise, Rep. Andrew Clyde stated an “armed America” is free and safe for everyone.

On the other hand, Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern asserted the assault weapons ban will not take away rights given under the Second Amendment; however, it will only reinstate the rights of children “to not get shot” in their classrooms.

Anti-gun organizations also appreciated the bill.

Trevon Bosley, a board member at a left-leaning gun violence group, March for Our Lives, noted that banning assault weapons would not save lives yet, but it will tell future generations “change is possible.”

The House vote came after the weeks-long debate on gun violence across partisan lines.

Last week, Democratic Congressman Mondaire Jones asked his GOP colleagues, how a “self-described pro-life” political party can even allow Americans “to be slaughtered” by these assault weapons.

Republicans kept on insisting that the Constitution enables Americans to defend themselves from violence using their firearms; so their right to keep guns should not be snatched.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.