House Democrats Drafting New Coronavirus Relief Bill

"Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks to" (Public Domain) by The White House

As COVID-19 and its aftereffects continue wreaking havoc on American families, many are in search of relief. Last month, Congress managed to pass the coronavirus stimulus plan which is currently in effect. This bill is designed to give aid to working families, business owners, and employees who are absorbing financial hits due to coronavirus.

However, new developments from Washington Examiner confirm that Democrats are seeking yet another coronavirus relief bill. More notably, left-wing legislators want to include certain partisan provisions that were scrapped from the most recent stimulus plan.

A Closer Look at Democrats’ Plans for the Next COVID-19 Bill

In the proposed coronavirus bill, Democrats are seeking to include increased food stamp funding, more paid family leave, additional worker safety mandates and federal aid for distressed union pensions. At this time, the proposed plan is expected to cost tens of billions of dollars; although, leftist lawmakers are still framing their drafted bill as bipartisan.

The push for another coronavirus relief bill comes after Democrats failed to get their way with the latest one. As a matter of fact, the COVID-19 bill currently in effect was actually held up for a few days when Democrats tried to include provisions with no relation to coronavirus whatsoever. Some of the rejected provisions included the Green New Deal, postal service bailouts, and more.

Will the New COVID-19 Relief Bill Come to Fruition?

At this time, it remains to be seen whether or not a fourth coronavirus bill will pass. If so, it will require the votes of multiple Republican legislators. As such, Democrats would be ill-advised to include extremely far-left proposals that stand no chance of garnering conservative support.

The Democrat Party has already taken heat for its aforementioned prior attempts to politicize coronavirus. Many Americans feel that Democrats in Washington should have strictly focused on aiding citizens of this nation, rather than trying to sneak in their own partisan proposals and call them COVID-19 relief.
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