House Democrats Continue Refusal to Acknowledge Border Crisis

House Democrats are stonewalling their Republican colleagues’ attempts to deal with the crisis on the Southern border. According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, House GOP members convened yesterday for the purpose of requesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to approve bills which would deal with the issues happening at this nation’s Southern border.

Unfortunately, House Democrats still appear hellbent on opposing any measures for sensible, productive reform in America.

A Closer Look at House Republicans’ Press Conference

During yesterday’s gathering, the GOP touched on some very real issues which Southern border officials are regularly faced with. These issues include, but are not always limited to, drug trafficking, unlawful border crossings, human trafficking, and additional instances of criminal activities.

Texas Republican Chip Roy furthermore explained the importance of voting on legislation in order to foster solutions:

“We should vote, but let us be clear that we should vote on something that is actually going to solve the problem. It is not enough just to vote, although I welcome a vote. We need to make sure that the border crisis is going to be dealt with, not just the humanitarian relief but also dealing with the needs that we have to deal with the flow and being overrun at the border.”

Why Won’t House Democrats Address the Border Crisis?

The House Democrats’ utter refusal to work with their Republicans on fixing the crisis which exists at the Southern border is very interesting. It’s also very telling. See, Democrats have been fighting against immigration reform and other border-related issues for quite some time now. Remember the government shutdown which happened months ago because Pelosi, Schumer and other Democrats refused to work with President Trump?

The reality is this: Democrats know that improving the situation at the Southern border would serve as a major victory for the president. Seeing as Democrats are eager to regain control of the White House, they are doing all they can to sabotage President Trump’s moves for reform. The left-wing has become so driven by anti-Trumpism that they’d rather watch a disaster wreak havoc than work with the president on solutions.

This is why House Republicans are being stonewalled by their Democrat colleagues.

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