Hillary Shaken by Tulsi Gabbard's Defamation Lawsuit

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a poor habit of spouting off and making inaccurate claims about people she doesn’t like.

This nasty habit truly came to light after Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Trump. Since then, she’s blamed everything and everyone other than herself. Now, with the 2020 election underway, the failed 2016 contender continues to sit on the sidelines and make various statements about politicians, statements which lack proof.

Youth Voice Presidential Forum by Phil Roeder, on Flickr

Youth Voice Presidential Forum” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Last year, Clinton referred to 2020 Democrat and Army veteran Tulsi Gabbard as a “Russian asset.” Clinton furthermore professed that Gabbard is a “favorite of the Russians” with various foreign bots working on her behalf. Following these unfounded claims, Gabbard immediately pushed back, slamming Clinton as “queen of warmongers” and “personification of the rot” that has “sickened” the Democrat Party.

After formally calling upon Clinton to publically retract her allegations, Gabbard hit Clinton with a $50 million dollar lawsuit. Fox News reports that Gabbard’s suit has shaken Clinton so much that she’s refusing to take legal documents from the war veteran’s lawyers.

Clinton’s Refusal to be Served

On Tuesday, when a process server attempted to present the lawsuit to Clinton’s house in New York, they were barred from doing so by Secret Service. Afterward, the process server tried to deliver the papers to the office of Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall; however, Kendall’s firm wouldn’t receive the documentation either.

Brian Dunne, an attorney working on behalf of Tulsi Gabbard, expressed amazement at Clinton’s refusal to accept “service of process.” Although this isn’t the end, not by a longshot. Dunne confirmed that despite the antics of Clinton and her attorney, his team is strategizing and determining what will happen next.

In light of these details, it comes as absolutely no shock that neither Clinton nor her attorneys have issued any public statements regarding the $50 million dollar lawsuit. Instead, the failed presidential candidate chooses to cowardly hide behind Secret Service and her attorneys, rather than accept responsibility for her choices. Given Clinton’s track record and propensity for deceit, all of this is simply par for the course.

Only the Beginning

Despite Clinton’s refusal to accept documents pertaining to the lawsuit, this situation is still ongoing. As previously stated, Gabbard’s attorneys are currently determining what steps they’ll take next.

Hillary Clinton by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Hillary Clinton” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

While the twice-failed presidential candidate may be able to temporarily hold off the process server, this all just speaks to her cowardice. Clinton had no issue making defamatory statements about a war veteran; moreover, Clinton refused to retract her unfounded remarks, despite being given ample time to do so.

Now, she’s reduced to dodging legal papers, apparently hoping that Gabbard’s legal team will give up or drop the matter. Meanwhile, the 2020 Democrat maintains that she won’t allow Clinton’s smears against her to go “unchecked.”

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